Guide to Making a Claim

You can lodge a claim online or you can complete a hard copy claim form by clicking on the PDF link below. If you are experiencing an emergency or it is outside of normal office hours, please call 1800 817 360.

Prior to lodging a claim, you must
  • Action should be taken to prevent further loss or damage. The Insured (Owners Corporation (OC)/Body Corporate (BC) or unit owner) has a duty to mitigate any loss and prevent further damage.
  • Advise BCB or your Body Corporate Manager as soon as practical.
What you will need when lodging a claim
  • Proof of ownership – (for theft of items owned by the Body Corporate/Owners Corporation only)

  • Quote for replacement of the item noting that the quote must be equivalent to the damaged item. Please note that where significant damage has occurred a quote is not required, just a description of the damage, and the Insurer will provide further instructions.

  • Where possible please provide an invoice showing that the water leaks have been repaired and no further damage will result

  • Water damage claims, If required please provide a report from a repairer advising whether an item is repairable or not (for claims where replacement items are being claimed).

  • Claims for Loss of Rent – A copy of the Tenancy Agreement where a unit is permanently let or, for short term lettings please provide a copy of 12 months rental statements prior to the loss.

Claim Requirements:
  • The Insured has a Duty of Care to prevent further loss and to ensure that the damage does not pose any further risk to property or persons and any emergency works required should be undertaken.

  • Do not proceed with any repairs, other than emergency repairs, without first notifying your Body Corporate Manager or Body Corporate Brokers for further instructions on how to proceed with the claim.

  • Damaged items must not be disposed of without first obtaining approval.

  • Should the insurable damage result in the occupants having to vacate the property please notify Body Corporate Brokers immediately.

  • Once Body Corporate Brokers have evaluated the extent of the insurable loss we will provide further instructions on how to proceed with the claim. You may be requested to obtain quotes to reinstate the damage to your property or, we may need to advise the Insurer immediately in order for them to appoint a loss adjuster to manage the claim.

  • Water Damage Claims: Where practicable the Insured must attend to fixing the leak and provide confirmation by way of an invoice that suitable repairs have been carried out. This may not be practical where the repair of the insurable damage must be done in conjunction with repair of the leak (eg. leaking shower membranes).

  • Theft Claims: Proof of ownership must be provided noting that the stolen items must be owned by the Body Corporate for cover to be extended. Personal items owned by occupants are not covered by Strata Insurance.

  • Glass Breakage: The preferred glazier of most Insurer’s is O’Brien Glass and they may be contacted direct with the name of the Insurer and policy number applicable. They will contact the Insurer to confirm policy cover and the applicable excess and will, in most instances, carry out the glass replacement and bill the Insurer for the balance. The Insured will be required to pay the applicable excess to O’Brien Glass. Where the glass is of unusual size or cost the Insurer may appoint a loss adjuster.

  • Commercial Glass Breakage: Where a commercial property is tenanted the tenant may be responsible for glass breakage under their Lease Agreement and the Agreement should be checked prior to a claim being lodged against the Strata Insurer.

  • Obtaining Quotes: When obtaining quotes please ensure that the quote is to reinstate the property as it was prior to the loss. The Insurer is not responsible for betterment or upgrades to the property, nor are they responsible for non-matching of materials or replacing undamaged property.